Masala"s farm constantly look at expanding our range of production by offering greater value to our growing customers

All kinds of produce are also seasonally harvested from the Masala's farm. Right now, we're still harvesting kassava, hot peppers, herbs..." and the list goes on - and proud to be and still producing organic food by filing the hand of our customer with goodness, We appreciate all of our customers, from local restaurants to the folks in the community. We're really lucky to have such loyal customers." It's clear that the local community appreciates our farm too.

Farm Masala has good relations with the authorities, businessmen and people of Bukanga. It provides much of its production around its implementation. Two years ago, the Farm Masala Loka sold some 4 tons of sweet cassava to Lonzo mission and Bukanga-lonzo. She distributed healthy cassava cuttings in the villages of the sector following the support of the European Union. The impact on income of residents and especially the worker staff is obvious

Palm oil, Fish farming, Cassava, Wood etc...